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Kelmė district municipality,
Vytauto Didžiojo st. 58, 86143 Kelmė
Budget office code 188768730, Register of Legal Entities
Phone/Fax (8 427) 69052,

Located on the old trade route “Via Hanza”, Kelmė attracts visitors with the unrivalled beauty of the Dubysa, Venta and 29 other rivers meandering through the country, with crystal clear waters of its 53 lakes and with more that 400 cultural heritage sights.

The highlights include Svilė Springs (Šaukėnai Eldership), an interesting and popular hydrological feature, Tytuvėnai Church and Monastery Ensemble, renowned for an abundance of its architectural styles and included into the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes programme “Baroque Route” which also passes through three more sacral places in the District: Kražiai and Lioliai churches and Kelmė Manor.

For peace seekers, looking for a tranquil place of contemplation, there is Palendriai St. Benedictine Monastery where you can have a spiritual conference with a resident monk, unite with the monks in prayer, or spend a night or two in a guest house, situated in peaceful monastery environs.

The branches of Kelmė Manor have a lot to offer to those interested in the cultural treasures of small towns. Kelmė Manor Museum features a unique to Lithuania exhibition of Indian culture where visitors participate in playing Indian games and doing quizzes, tasting “iroquoise” cakes, drinking mate tea with honey and even having fun and challenge of shooting arrows at bison pictures. International and republican events taking place in Kelmė District enhance and foster the uniqueness of its cultural heritage.

Historical town of Kražiai and neighbouring Lithuanian Buddhist Centre have enjoyed the popularity for their studies of Church music and Gregorian chant, for their festivals and summer camps. District craftsmen (straw weavers paper cutters, embroiderers, weavers, wood carvers etc.) take an active part in exhibitions and are ready to demonstrate the old handicraft traditions to tourist groups.

Kelmė District Municipality covers the area of 1 705 sq. km and is home to 31 000 residents. National auto tourism, water tourism and bicycle routes crisscross the District.

Why visit Kelmė District?

The District stands out for its cultural wealth and truly unique landscape features: Tytuvėnai Church and Monastery Ensemble, Kelmė Manor, Kražiai Jesuit College and mounds that bear witness to the rich history of the country. Other highlights include a viewpoint tower in Tytuvėnai, numerous lakes and water tourism route down the Dubysa river, bicycle routes and the infrastructure of four regional parks that the District can rightly be proud of.

If you love water tourism or camping, enjoy a stay in a camp site near the river Dubysa in Maironiai village, Lioliai Eldership. There you will find everything you need for great outdoors: fire pits, shelters, children’s playground, and changing booths.


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