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Kelmė district municipality,
Vytauto Didžiojo st. 58, 86143 Kelmė
Budget office code 188768730, Register of Legal Entities
Phone/Fax (8 427) 69052,
Places of Interest



Tytuvėnai Regional Park

The highlights of the Park include “Forest Museum”, Gilius lake educational trail (3,3 km), Gilius and Bridvaišis lakes bicycle trail (13,5 km long, suitable for the disabled), Tytuvėnai Regional Park Visitor Centre, 15 metre tall viewpoint tower, Bridvaišis Mound.

Miško St. 3, Tytuvėnai
Tel.: +370 427 59 030,


Tytuvėnai Church and Monastery Ensemble

Dating back from 17th-18th centuries, this outstanding architectural monument renowned for its arcades, inner courtyards and ancient buildings is famous not only in Lithuania but in northeastern Europe as well.

Maironio St. 2a, Tytuvėnai
Tel. +370 427 56223


Palendriai. St. Benedictine Monastery

Palendriai Gate of Dawn St. Virgin Mary’s Monastic Church is a monolithic one-tower building consecrated in 1938. The name of Father K. Ambrozaitis and the years of his birth and death (1859–1947) can still be made out on a crumbling tombstone at the side of the church wall. French monks have settled down in St. Benedictine Monastery situated at the edge of Vainagiai forest, among the rolling hills of the District.

Palendriai, Kelmė Rural Eldership
Tel. +370 427 47 498


Kražiai Jesuit College, Township and Environs

Dominating the panorama of the township of Kražiai, St. Mary’s Church of Immaculate Conception, a brick two-tower church in late baroque style built for Benedictine nuns, is a living reminder of the Kražiai slaughter.

Kražiai M. K. Sarbievijus Culture centre
Kolegijos St. 5, Kražiai


Burbaičiai Mound 

Steeped in folktales and legends, the Mound is known far and wide. As one legend has it, the Mound was made by a giant and there used to stand a church but the earth opened up and swallowed it.

Close to Burbaičiai village, Kukečiai Eldership


Kubiliai Mound

Between the villages of Papušynis and Kubiliai, Tytuvėnai Rural Eldership The largest in the District, called Birutė’s hill, the Mound is enclosed by the Dubysa valley in the West, by the Gryžuva river in the South and by Molkasis creek in the North.


St. Mary Magdalene’s Church

A haven of peace and tranquillity, the Church is believed to have been built at the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th centuries under the rule of Matas Vaina.

Statybininkų St. 8, Užventis


Užventis Watermill 

The building housing Užventis watermill and distillery is one of the remaining buildings situated on the grounds of the former Užventis Estate. Set in a picturesque manor park on the bank of the river Venta, the watermill now houses a wellness centre, which has a mini hotel and provides rehab services, conference facilities, banquet, function and catering services.

P. Višinskio St. 28, Užventis
Tel. +370 682 14 007


Svilė Springs 

Located in a 1,8 hectare area in the old valley of the Venta–Dubysa rivers there bubble the largest underwater springs in Lithuania – Svilė springs, containing over a hundred “spring eyes”. People use the water for drinking, cooking and for medicinal purposes. The springs feed a creek running through the meadows which burst into colour in June when Lithuanian orchidsorchises begin to bloom.

Svilė, Šaukėnai Eldership


Lioliai St. Apostles Simon and Jude Thaddeus’ Church

A fine example of Lithuanian wooden Baroque style, the Church was built in 1768. The churchyard houses a threetier tapering belfry, built in 1857.


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